Can anybody help me understand why this update query isn”t updating the fields in my database? I have this in my php page to retrieve the current values from the database:

Here i my HTML Form:

ID: ” />Username: ” />Title: “/>Date: “/>Message: and here is my “editblogscript”:

I don”t understand why it doesn”t work.

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You have to have single quotes around any VARCHAR content in your queries. So your update query should be:

mysql_query(“UPDATE blogEntry SET content = “$udcontent”, title = “$udtitle” WHERE id = $id”);Also, it is bad form to update your database directly with the content from a POST. You should sanitize your incoming data with the mysql_real_escape_string function.

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Need to add quote for that need to use dot operator:

mysql_query(“UPDATE blogEntry SET content = “”.$udcontent.””, title = “”.$udtitle.”” WHERE id = “”.$id.”””);



Without knowing what the actual error you are getting is I would guess it is missing quotes. try the following:

mysql_query(“UPDATE blogEntry SET content = “$udcontent”, title = “$udtitle” WHERE id = “$id””)


Here i updated two variables and present date and time

$id = “1”;$title = “phpmyadmin”;

$sql= mysql_query(“UPDATE table_name SET id =””.$id.””, title = “”.$title.””,now() WHERE id = “”.$id.”” “);now() function update current date and time.

note: For update query we have define the particular id otherwise it update whole table defaulty
First, you should define “doesn”t work”.Second, I assume that your table field “content” is varchar/text, so you need to enclose it in quotes. content = “{$content}”And last but not least: use echo mysql_error() directly after a query to debug.

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Try like this in sql query, It will work fine.

$sql=”UPDATE create_test set url= “$_POST” WHERE test_name=”$test_name”;”;If you have to update multiple columns,Use like this,

$sql=”UPDATE create_test set `url`= “$_POST“,`platform`=”$_POST” WHERE test_name=”$test_name”;”;
you must write single quotes then double quotes then dot before name of field and after like that

mysql_query(“UPDATE blogEntry SET content =””.$udcontent.””, title = “”.$udtitle.”” WHERE id = “”.$id.”” “);
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