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Stardew Valley 1.5 Update Coming lớn điện thoại, Developer Affirms Stardew Valley"s creator assures fans that the lakiểm tra 1.5 patch update will be made available on both iOS & Android devices.

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Role-playing simulation đoạn phim game Stardew Valley is one of the token few indie titles that has massively expanded its player base, và made its way from the desktop computer onto lớn other gaming platforms. With no doubt of its popularity, given a Stardew Valley board game has recently been announced for production, the game’s developer Eric Barone has shared that he is working hard to lớn release the lakiểm tra patch into lớn mobile devices.

Stardew Valley’s 1.5 patch update was only recently launched in late 20trăng tròn. Players on the PC were the first to experience the game’s lachạy thử features baông xã in December 20đôi mươi, while Nintenvày Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation players had khổng lồ wait two months more until the Stardew Valley 1.5 patch was released on console platforms in February 2021. With the game also available for download on iOS and Android, fans are probably eager lớn find out when the 1.5 update will hit their di động devices.

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On Twitter, Barone or “ConcernedApe” posted that he is very driven khổng lồ bring the highly-anticipated Stardew Valley 1.5 update inlớn iOS and Android units so fans on Mobile will finally be able to experience the game"s exciting new features. He reassures fans that he is “doing what he can” to make the patch a reality even though there is no timeline he can tóm tắt on when he will actually be able khổng lồ vì so.

— ConcernedApe (

This tweet comes after a series of Barone’s posts where he talks about the different bugs and fixes that are planned khổng lồ come in soon for the console versions of the game. This specifically addresses the xanh floor bug that players have experienced on the Nintenvì Switch, as well as overall fixes for other issues that have sầu popped up since the Stardew Valley 1.5 patch update on console was released. He also makes a brief update that the RPG-slặng game will once again be available for purchase or download on the Europe PlayStation Network store, where it was previously delisted in 20trăng tròn due to lớn age-rating issues.

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Update: Switch patch for the xanh floor bug và zoom/tile offmix issue is in the approval process, & will be out as soon as possible. There will also be another round of patches on all consoles for a few other bugs, including the shaking stones và the mummified bat issue

— ConcernedApe (

Also... Stardew is scheduled khổng lồ be available again on the European PlayStation Store (includes Australia & NZ) by the over of this week

— ConcernedApe (

Even though Stardew Valley has recently hit a new player count record, the game is still only being developed by Barone himself. With the developer being a one-man team, it is likely that updates such as the 1.5 patch arriving on di động platforms may take longer than anticipated. However, with Barone reaffirming Stardew Valley"s fans of his commitment, và hyên consistently being true to lớn his word, fans are likely lớn be assured the patch will arrive sầu on their devices, despite any future delays.