Tải game sonic cats

NameSonic Cat
PublisherBadsnowball Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Sonic Cat with fast gameplay and many tunes of good songs will make you enjoy this game. Music in life is always what helps us relieve sầu all tired things. In addition to lớn the music option, games lượt thích Sonic Cat are introduced that add to lớn this entertaining, relaxing effect. Most of the songs in the game have a playful & youthful melody. Players use objects such as hammers to smash symbols on the sides. You can miss a few times, the gameplay is not too difficult to lớn minimize găng. Wear your headphones to enjoy the tune while not forgetting khổng lồ interact on either side of the screen. Fast, accurate help players get high scores.

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1 Download Sonic Cat MOD – Help the cát complete music challenges

Hammers và daggers are some of the objects you smash khổng lồ the sides as the symbols run past. It is usually a ruby bloông chồng or occasionally a yellow note. The really fast songs have sầu a really high màn chơi of difficulty, I tried playing on Latin music và didn’t stay the stage for more than a minute. Even if you choose the ease, the stacking mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of the blocks on either side is always dense. It seems that Sonic Cat automatically changes according khổng lồ the music background.


Download Sonic Cat MOD – Help the mèo complete music challenges

Simple gameplay, music genres including the rich number of songs constantly updated. Sonic Cat has built a creative sầu game mode not only based on music but also incorporates other advantages. You can see a lot of games they usually just rely on ideas lượt thích keys or things that are entirely related lớn music. Sonic Cat is not like that, the image of the character holding the hammer Thor smashing the icons makes me think this is an action game. Without the interface, features & songs, this game still has its own chất lượng feature. The challenge of the game has an endpoint, Sonic Cat is not endless gameplay that craves just about scores. Complete each game screen, you immediately see your ability will be enhanced further.

Challenge with many songs

Sonic Cat has all the music genres to lớn choose from. Pop, EDM, … those are all kind of vibrant music towards fun. In addition, the game also has the ability to play Youtube videos on the game screen. In front is the screen with your favourite tuy vậy, in the game screen there is nothing better than the companion idol. But if you pay too much attention lớn the MV, you can easily miss và have to stop the game.

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Add songs from the library

If you find a tuy vậy you really love sầu to play in Sonic Cat & find out it isn’t there. Don’t be sad, the game allows you khổng lồ add songs from the music library. No different than the song in the game’s music store, the màn chơi of playing with the song you lượt thích will begin immediately. Each genre of music gives players a different experience.

The mèo is the main character

From the name of the game, you can also guess that the cát is the companion character in the music game mode. There are many mèo styles you can choose from such as transparent, kung fu, pirate, samurai, Christmas … Choosing a character does not change the skill or reduce the difficulty, but when playing into lớn many characters, it is also lượt thích then right?

Some other equipment

Hammers, knives, brushes, và swords are items that you can use khổng lồ interact with blocks on either side. Diamond Ax, Thor’s Hammer, Lightning Strike, Boxer Knife, … each object has a beautiful effect when the player points his finger at the bloông chồng. A music space with images of fire, smoke, light, or lightning is not always easy lớn see. There is also some other equipment lượt thích medical masks you can use for your mèo.

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Sonic Cat is a music game with increasing speed. Control the cat with novel objects và use your fingers to repeatedly break through the blocks before it floats backwards. New music store, many types of equipment are the things that help players get the best relaxing time. Download Sonic Cat MOD APK choose any tuy nhiên you lượt thích & go along with the mèo to each tune.