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Keep moving! TheTemple Guardian is right behind you & he will never stop until you breathe your last breath.

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Temple Run 2 will continue bring surprise khổng lồ it’s fans as the original. Player can be played as four distinct-looking characters: Guy Dangerous, Scarlett fox, Karma Lee & Barry Bones. In the Temple Run 2, you must try again to escape from the temple, while still being chased be the Temple Guardian— an Evil Detháng Monkey. While you’ll still be running, jumping, sliding & turning, you’ll also have sầu lớn navigate cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests.The gameplay in Temple Run 2 are the same asthe original. Swipe your finger upward on the screen to lớn leap over pits and obstacles; Swipe your finger downward to duông chồng and slide under overhanging ceilings and traps; Swipe your finger left or right on the screen to lớn make a sharp turn; Tilt your device to steer along the path, narrowly avoiding dangers & collecting goodies in the process.

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The game has power-ups & unlockable content that can be bought with coins earned in the game, or you can purchase currency withtransactions. Temple Run 2 does not really force purchases, but taking the easy way out by buying a paông xã of coins is tempting.If you’ve sầu played the original Temple Run, the sequel should look both familiar and new khổng lồ you all at the same time. The graphics have sầu been tweaked lớn deliver a far more visually-pleasing experience, while the running action is just as frenetic và responsive as ever before!FEATURES★ Beautiful new graphics★ Gorgeous new organic environments★ New obstacles★ More powerups★ More achievements★ Special powers for each character★ Bigger monkey!!!We think you may also lượt thích other Games: Pokétháng GO, Fananees, and Poke Saga, ect.

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Welcome to lớn the Lost Jungle - Lantern Festival!Get lost in the lights và explore the Lantern Festival+ Unloông xã the Dragon Dancer outfit for Karma Lee+ Upgrade to “Golden” Guy Dangerous and Scarlett Fox+ Fill your belly - with the Dyên ổn Sum coins!+ Love is in the air with Nidhi Nirmal's new 'Cupid' outfit!

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