Tải game cho nokia xl

Now. PlayStore can be install khổng lồ Nokia X platkhung device like Notê X , XL X+ with Notê X platsize tool software. although it has been update firmware to lớn V1.2.4.1. many person have sầu face problem with the driver, its was not detected the device as adb while the usb debugging has been activated.

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Don"t worry with above problem, i had solved that. you could follow the tutorial at Fix Error Update Driver Nocơ X Platsize V ok, we can continues khổng lồ install playstore without any problem.

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you must download tool what we need : 1.Download dan install Notê X Manager new version here2.Download Nokia X USB Driver here, then extract in One thư mục 3.Download GApps for Nocơ X here (DO NOT Extract after tải về finish ) Installation :
Install notê x driver that you have sầu downloaded above.Install Nokia X Manager.Run Nocơ X Manager & the cliông xã Install ADB Driver.Active USB debugging và then Plug the device to lớn your PC with USB cable và make sure Notê X manager can be detect the device. it will detect automatically if the driver is installed successfly.If device has detected > cliông xã Install Gapps > it will show notification that gapps is not include the software > cliông xã OK > you will be redirected to windows tệp tin manager > choose the Gapps.zip that you have dowmloaded above sầu
This tutorial is focused to lớn use sync of google trương mục lượt thích contact, calendar and message Perhaps any App install from playstore may not compatible with nocơ x. please wise with root activity DWYOR (Do With Your Own Risk)! Root activity can be lost guaranteed of device. well. if you still confuse you can follow this tutorial video clip below. please watch carefully. if you face problem.i will already help you. you can tương tác me at Contact US.

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