Tải game afk arena

AFK Arena APK is a game suitable for download if you are busy but still want lớn participate in fascinating battles between warriors.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
AFK Arena
Lilith Games
1.57.03 (build 413687)
Android 4.1

About AFK Arena

AFK or “Away From Keyboard” are the words that all gamers have sầu to fear. Getting notified that your teammate “AFK” in the middle of a trùm fight or rank game is almost synonymous with giving up your dream of winning. In MOBA games such as điện thoại Legends: Bang Bang or Aremãng cầu of Valor, you & your teammates must prepare for the lack of players & thua trận the advantage to lớn the opponent. What is more bitter than the feeling that your team is in complete control of the game but must accept defeat because an AFK player, moreover it is the ADC.

But sometimes, AFK is inevitable, especially when you need to pay attention khổng lồ real-life issues. AFK Arena’s cleverly gameplay mechanism will help you erase the worry of missing something. True to lớn its name, this beautiful role-playing game still allows you to persize the task even without playing.

What is this game about?

The background of this game is placed in the world of Esperia, a land of beautiful, wealthy, with countless natural resources and wonders. However, it was not peaceful for a moment, ever since its founding. The cause is because of the destruction of Hypogeans. This is an evil force, they destroy all the lands they go through, spreading death to all.


With the help of the goddesses, people in Esperia who have sầu resurfaced to oppose Hypogeans. However, the Goddess was exhausted và disappeared after a long time helping the people here. When the goddess disappears, evil rises again. And you will have khổng lồ gather your army và fight lớn protect world peace.

Interesting gameplay

When I heard the name AFK Aremãng cầu, I thought about a match for players who lượt thích AFK. A MOBA game where all 10 players are AFK? Pretty interesting. Will the match will be decided when the minions of either side destroy all the turret? But after playing, I learned about the amazing mechanism of this game.


You just need khổng lồ gather and nâng cấp your army of 5 heroes, then they will fight in the battle quickly but no less stressful. This game also features a story-based campaign, revolving around saving the Esperia kingdom along with numerous other challenges. Therefore, you will have many opportunities to earn experience points and material upgrades. After you exit the game, the heroes will continue khổng lồ fight & accumulate wealth lớn bring a treasure worth when you return.

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Hero system

50 heroes in the game are drawn enchanting looking like stained glass artworks, then created meticulously in motion, creating a unique style. The designs and stories behind the characters are also based on diverse backgrounds such as Celtic culture, medieval Africa & Europe, Gothic art.

If you feel a headabịt because there are too many characters lớn choose from, please refer khổng lồ the following tips to lớn go further. Some legendary level heroes, such as Saveas & Arden, can help you through the first few levels until you gather enough heroes. You can also use some heroes for two purposes, such as the aggressive sầu lion Brutus can deal damage as well as bloông xã damage for the team.


Line 3 + 2 (3 heroes on the same side with 2 heroes on the other side) will bring valuable rewards for your team while reducing the risk of using too many heroes of the same faction.


Although AFK Arena’s plot is quite simple, it is still presented lớn the player beautifully và in detail. Most of the time you just sit và watch the AI play by itself, but the great graphics of the game are what can make you sit for hours & enjoy. Beautifully simulated characters with an imaginative sầu style often found in role-playing games. Especially the very beautiful female characters.


The character’s skill effect is one of the outstanding advantages of AFK Aremãng cầu. The simulated matches are very spectacular with many different tactics. Besides, the sound is also very suitable for the context of each match. The characters have sầu đáng yêu voiced.

Download AFK Arena APK for Android

With the lademo update, AFK Arena is now more spectacular than ever. With 4 new heroes, 4 faction towers, 60 new chiến dịch levels and another adventure on Time Mountain, even experienced players will have sầu to lớn master all the skills khổng lồ overcome challenges in the game.

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Whether you are working, spending time with your family or watch the movies, be assured that the heroes will always bởi vì their part to rescue Esperia & help you rise lớn the top ranking.