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by Admin _ April 29, 2021

Are you dealing with lag in Free Fire? Want to fix lag and ping in Free Fire? Here are the best methods mentioned in the article that will help you to fix lag in Free Fire and boost FPS in the game.Bạn đang xem: Hướng dẫn fix lag free fire ob19 với bản giảm lag v3 cực tốt và file tăng tốc mới

Free Fire is currently crossing 10 Million users that give fierce competition for their competitive games like PUBG and Call of Duty. Due to the increasing popularity, Free Fire had received the Best Popular Vote Game by Google Play Store.

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Although the game is super popular and impressive, there are still specific issues like lags that reduce game experience in Free Fire. Most of the players whose device lags too much while playing Free Fire try to hack Free Fire to win the game.




Game Booster To Fix Lag in Free Fire

Game Booster Features:-

Modes To Boost Device To Max PerformanceIncreases Benchmark ScoresOptimizes Memory (RAM)In-Built FPS Checker

Install Game Booster To Fix Lag in Free Fire, follow these steps:-

Install it and Run itGame Booster will automatically add games in the appropriate sectionRun the Free Fire game from the Game Booster

3. Clear Cache

Caches are the unwanted apps residue that is leftover whenever the application runs on the device. It occupies unwanted file storage data, which must be removed from time to time.

To clear cache, follow these steps:-

Go to Device SettingsOpen your App Management sectionSelect one application at a time.Clear their Cache storageRepeat the same procedure for the rest of the applicationsReboot your Device

4. Disable Background Running Applications

Multitasking, at the same time, can reduce your gaming performance at that time. For example, if you are playing a free fire game and chatting on WhatsApp through the floating window at the same time will cause the Processor to execute more process.

To disable background running application, follow these steps:-

Go to your Device SettingsOpen the App ManagementSelect one app at a timeClick on Battery on Power UsageClick on Disable Background RunningReboot your Device

You can also enable your Battery Saver so that all the applications running in the background for that time will not sync. After playing Free Fire, you can disable your Battery Saver.

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5. Enable 4x MSAA

Do you know there is an option available on your device which can help to load the texture of your games like Free Fire? Yes, there is an option called Force Enable 4x MSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing) which can help to load texture smoothly.

You can enable this option from the android developer section. Initially, the android developer section is hidden because if you change some other settings rather than 4x MSAA, you can mess with your device.

To enable Android developer section and 4x MSAA:-

Go to your Device SettingsClick on About PhoneContinuously tap on Kernel Version 8-10 timesNow, you had successfully enabled your Developer optionHead to your Developer sectionSwipe down and Enable the Force 4x MSAARestart your phoneAll done

6. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

You should try to reduce the number of applications installed on your device. The lesser the applications installed, the lesser will be the memory usage and background running apps.

To uninstall unnecessary applications, follow these steps:-

Go to your Device SettingsClick on Apps ManagementUninstall apps one by one which you do not need anymoreRestart your device

7. Clear Internal Memory Space

Remove unnecessary files like audio, video, etc. from your internal storage, which will help to boost the Free Fire game.

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To free internal memory space, follow these steps:-

Open your device File ManagerScan for big data Files in your Internal StorageRemove unwanted big files that you don’t needReboot your deviceRun the game

Final Words

I hope the above methods will help you to fix free fire lag on 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB, or 4 GB ram device. If you feel that I had missed some points, then you can comment below, and I will add them soon.

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