Picking table lamps

When decorating any room of your house, you will have khổng lồ add adequate lighting. Many times, this includes finding table lamps, và it can be hard to choose the correct lamp form size. You may be asking yourself, how big should my lamp be? Below you will find a guide to choose the correct lamp kích cỡ in each room of your home page.

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The height of the table lamp you pichồng is determined more by the room it sits in & the décor around the lamp. If you have a tall bedside table, then it goes without saying that a shorter lamp will vì chưng & vice versa. The general norm here is khổng lồ pick a lamp where the bottom of the shade is at your eye level when you are seated or resting.


Sit on a chair or sofa beside the table và measure the distance from the table surface to lớn your eye màn chơi. Purchase a fixture whose base to the bottom of the shade length measurement does not exceed the table-to-eye measurement. If the fixture is for a bedside table, the length still should be khổng lồ sitting eye cấp độ from the bedside table surface.


Calculate the shade length as 65 lớn 80 percent of the base length. For example, if the base length is 16 inches, the shade should measure 10 to 14 inches long. This results in a fixture about 24 inches tall; another way to calculate this is that the shade is about one-third of the total height, & should cover the light bulbhardware on the top of the lamp base.

Choose a shade with a diameter no more than 2 inches less than the base length. For example, on the fixture with a 16-inch base, the diameter (or width) of the shade should not be more than 14 inches. Shades are listed as length from top khổng lồ bottom, and width as the diameter, or widest part, of the shade.


If you have a tiny table và you need reading light for that table, these guidelines still apply; you may have a more difficult time finding a small-scale lamp tall enough, with a shade large enough khổng lồ accommodate a bulb appropriate for reading. A floor fixture may be more appropriate.

Use a florist triông chồng of estimating eye cấp độ. Place your elbow on a table, your arm perpendicular lớn the table surface, và your fingers extended. Measure from the table surface khổng lồ the tip of your longest finger; use this measurement as a guide lớn eye cấp độ when impromptu shopping.

# Living Room

In the living room, you need table lamps to complete tasks such as reading, crafting, or watching television. Since you spkết thúc a lot of time in this area, you want khổng lồ create a warm và inviting ambiance.

# Sofa Side Table LampScale

Overall lamp and table measurements:28.5″ x 1.5 = 42.75″. With a lamp height of26.5″, this is a good pairing. Since the lamp’s16″ diameter is smaller than 30″ (over table’s width), this is an ikhuyến mãi fit.

Lamp base height and lamp shade width:We have sầu a14.5″ lamp base length, so the shade diameter should be no smallerthan 12.5″và no bigger than 16.5″. At 16″, this shade fits the base. Lamp base measurement & lamp shade measurement:Here, we come in just above sầu 80% at 12″ (14.5 x 0.80 = 11.6).

# Sofa Side TableCorrect Lamp Size

Igiảm giá khuyến mãi living room table lamp size:24″ – 34″

Eye cấp độ measurement: The bottomof the shade should line up with eye cấp độ when sitting on the couch or chair.


# Bedroom

Picking a lamp for a bedroom, especially a bedside lamp, is an important choice. This lamp provides simple light lớn read while the room’s overhead light is off, but needs to lớn fall within a certain form size range in order to both look good and provide light without shining directly inlớn your eyes as you read.

Table lamps in the bedroom should be easily accessible when you are in a seated position on the bed.

# Bedside Table LampScale

Overall lamp and table measurements:27″ x 1.5 = 40.5″. At a 27″ fixture height, we are under the 40.5″ mark, so this is a good lamp and table full bộ.

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Lamp base height và lamp shade width:We have a17″ base length, so the 16″ shade fits in the 15″ – 19″ range.

Lamp base measurement & lamp shade measurement:With a 17″ base, our shade diameter should be between 11″ and 13.5″. This lamp is a little under 65% at 10″.

# Bedside Correct Lamp Size

Ikhuyến mãi bedroom table lamp size: 24″ – 27″

Chin cấp độ measurement:Your nightstvà should be the cthua trận khổng lồ the sameheight as the top of your mattress. The bottom of the lamp shade should line up with your chin màn chơi when you are seated in bed.

The height of the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá bedside lamp for your room depends upon the nightstand or table upon which the lamp sits. If the nightst& is tall, such as 25 lớn 30 inches, the lamp should be in the 30-inch range in order to look proportional against a headboard or the room in general. If the nightst& is relatively short next khổng lồ the bed, add an inch or two for the lamp to lớn look proportional lớn the space, and khổng lồ provide adequate reading light without you looking down at the light from in bed. A lamp taller than 36 inches will likely be too tall next khổng lồ the bed, with the bulb visible while lying down.

If they are too short or too tall, side và floor lamps can detract from the function, mood and harmony of the seating arrangement. Know the right lamp dimensions before you go shopping; it will save sầu you time & money.


# Office

One of the most important places in the homethat needsadequate lighting is the office. Since you will be spending a lot of time reading, writing, on the computer, và completing other tasks, it’s important lớn get the correct lamp kích thước to be efficient.

# Office Desk Lamp Scale

Overall lamp and table measurements:31.25″ x 1.5 = 46.88″. At 30″ and 12.5″, both lamps are a goodheight. Since the lamps’ diameters aresmaller than the desk’swidth, theyarethe correct size.

Lamp base height và lamp shade width:We have a 18″ lamp base length, so the shade’s diameter is correct at 16″ (16″ – 20″ range).

Lamp base measurement & lamp shade measurement:18 x 0.90 =16.2. At 16″ (a little under 90% of the base height) this shade works.

# OfficeCorrect Lamp Size

Igiảm giá office desklamp size: Bring in taller lamps for a larger illuminated area. As you can see with the dotted lines, the 18″. For a larger desk, you will either need larger lamps or more lamps.

Layering lighting: Add a dedicated task light to help bring specific desk areas inlớn focus. Adding an ambient light makes an office more cozy.

For a table lamp used for reading, the bottom of the lampshade should be at eye màn chơi khổng lồ someone seated on the sofa. Side tables typically are 25 to 30 inches tall, & the seat of a sofa usually is about 19 inches from the floor –so consider these measurements when choosing your lamp. Measured from the floor, the top of the lamp should be within 58 to 64 inches. You can adjust the height of a short lamp by creating a base of stacked books or a decorative sầu box.

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The top of a floor lamp used with a sofa should be between 58 and 64 inches tall, with the bottom of the shade being at or above sầu the eye level of a seated person. If you use a combination of floor & table lamps, the top edges of all the fixtures should be within a few inches of one another.


This was a bit longer blog post but this topic was very hard lớn explain it shorter.