Socket io với php

Is it possible khổng lồ use on the client side và communicate with a PHP. based application on the server? Does PHP. even support such a "long-lived connection" way of writing code?

All the sample code I find for seems to be for node.js on the VPS side, so no help there.

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It may be a little late for this question to lớn be answered, but here is what I found.

I don"t want to debate on the fact that nodes does that better than php or not, this is not the point.

The solution is : I haven"t found any implementation of for PHP.

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But there are some ways lớn implement WebSockets. There is this jQuery plugin allowing you lớn use Websockets while gracefully degrading for non-supporting browsers. On the PHP side, there is this class which seems khổng lồ be the most widely used for PHPhường WS servers.

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If you want to use together with php this may be your answer!

they are also on github: provides a client fully written in PHP that should be usable everywhere in your project.

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It is a light and easy to use library that aims khổng lồ bring some real-time functionality lớn a PHPhường application through & websockets for actions that could not be done in full javascript.

example from the project website (communicate with websocket VPS through php)

php server

use ElephantIOClient as Elephant;$elephant = new Elephant("http://localhost:8000", "", 1, false, true, true);$elephant->init();$elephant->send( ElephantIOClient::TYPE_EVENT, null, null, json_encode(array("name" => "foo", "args" => "bar")));$elephant->close();emang lại "tryin khổng lồ sover `bar` khổng lồ the sự kiện `foo`";socket io server

var io = require("").listen(8000);io.sockets.on("connection", function (socket) console.log("user connected!"); socket.on("foo", function (data) console.log("here we are in action event and data is: " + data); ););

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