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Tonic Citrus Foaming Gel
Eau Dynamisante Shower Gel

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There”s nothing like an invigorating shower to wake you up, cleansing and scenting your skin for the day ahead especially with the darkedeneurope.darkedeneurope.com bath and shower cleansing range. Rise and shine!

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Cleansing your face and body is an everyday step in even the most basic of beauty routines. Take the time to choose a gentle soap to exfoliate your body, or a cleansing product that”s kind on your skin”s hydrolipidic film – without darkedeneurope.compromising on decadence. You can have it all! darkedeneurope.darkedeneurope.com offers a panel of the best foaming shower gels, moisturising body lotions and many other types of bath products to treat skin to a range of cleansing gels with irresistible fragrances – and that goes for even the driest of skin, too. darkedeneurope.compare and pick your favourite: neroli-scented shower mousses, or citrus- and fig blossom-scented products to exfoliate your body and turn your baths into a treat for the senses and a veil of goodness for skin. The zing of our essential oils awakens the body and mind. Weldarkedeneurope.come to your very own shower-time ritual!
The darkedeneurope.darkedeneurope.com cleansing range now includes the right cleansers for scalp care that you need for squeaky-clean hair. Our plant-based hair shampoo, Invigorating Shine shampoo and conditioner, draw on extracts of plants sourced with the greatest of care, darkedeneurope.combining rich organic shea butter with naturally energising ginseng. A scalp massage is ideal for washing away dead skin cells, with hair left soft, shiny, and silky and the scalp protected, repaired, and invigorated. Just as you take the time to regenerate the skin on your face, your hair loves a good pampering session: save space on your bathroom shelf for a Nourishing Fortifying Hair Mask or Nourishing Beauty Hair Oil brimming to darkedeneurope.complete your scalp care routine with organic Argan oils for swishy, glossy hair all the way down to the tips!
Our iconic Eau Dynamisante also darkedeneurope.comes as a shower and bath cleanser. Enriched with organic Aloe Vera, the cleansing Foaming Gel gently cleanse the body, leaving skin delicately scented and toned in a single step. As a natural moisturiser, aloe vera is renowned for its skin-softening properties and relaxing fragrance. The Eau Dynamisante collection features the refreshing cult classic Treatment Fragrances, which you can top up with the Moisturizing Body Lotion for maximum revitalising delivery! Cleansing products that strike an even-handed balance between gentleness, hygiene, fragrance, and beauty!

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Pull back the screen and walk into a darkedeneurope.darkedeneurope.com Skin Spa in the darkedeneurope.comfort of your own home. Start by exfoliating your body with the Tonic Scrub to remove all impurities and dead skin cells. Get your mixer tap working overtime: run yourself a bath (no hotter than 37°C) and pour in a capful of the Relax or Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate. This concentrated shower gel is a wonder like no other. After a stressful day at the office, reach for relaxing lime blossom and valerian essential oils to soothe and relieve tight, tired muscles. Bump up your energy levels by immersing yourself in a bath brewing with revitalising gentian and pine essential oils. Light a few Tonic-scented candles to darkedeneurope.complete a little blissful slice of you-time. And finish off with a hydrating massage to shape and moisturise the body with a body oil in either Relax or Tonic.

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