I have a base64 string, file type. File type can be image, text or even pdf. I need to show download link and when user clicks it should start downloading as expected file. Concisely, server sends me file as base64 string, and I need to save it as file on browser. How can I save base64 string as file on browser? It would be best if solution works on IE9 also.


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Adapted from https://gist.github.com/RichardBray/23decdec877c0e54e6ac2bfa4b0c512f to work on Firefox.

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function downloadBase64File(contentBase64, fileName) { const linkSource = `data:application/pdf;base64,${contentBase64}`; const downloadLink = document.createElement(“a”); document.body.appendChild(downloadLink); downloadLink.href = linkSource; downloadLink.target = “_self”; downloadLink.download = fileName; downloadLink.click(); }



You can do this from js to download pdf.


document.location = “data:application/pdf;base64,” + base64String

You get the effect you desire (web page showing a link, and when user clicks, the save as dialog pops up) when the appropriate response headers are present when the browser requests the resource:

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”yourfilename.extension”

If you”re getting the file from the server as a base64 string embedded in your html, perhaps you can skip the embedding and simply embed a direct link to the file on your server, having the server serve it up to the user.

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