How can i remove the first or last character from a string in php?ết thúc.php?c=crud&m=index&t=care ^removing the / after the backend.php?. Any ideas on the best way lớn vị this?




I think that it"s better khổng lồ use simply str_replace, lượt thích the manual says:

If you don"t need fancy replacing rules (like regular expressions), you should always use this function instead of ereg_replace() or preg_replace().

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While a regexp would suit here just fine, I"ll present you with an alternative sầu method. It might be a tad faster than the equivalent regexp, but life"s all about choices (...or something).

$length = strlen($urlString);for ($i=0; $iWeird, I know.

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$splitPos = strpos($url, "?/");if ($splitPos !== false) $url = substr($url, 0, $splitPos) . "?" . substr($url, $splitPos + 2);
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