Secure registration system with php and mysql

How lớn create a Registration và Login System with PHP & MySquốc lộ. Here is the quick solution lớn build a login system with PHPhường and MySquốc lộ. Nowadays almost every trang web provides Registration và login functionality. Thus, it is necessary to lớn add a login system in modern website applications.

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In this tutorial, we walk through the complete process of creating a user registration system. Users can create an trương mục by providing username, password, gmail. After the trương mục was created, the user can log in to lớn their own tài khoản. Once the user login, it will redirect to lớn the Dashboard page. Moreover, the user can logout from his panel. This whole system we are developed using PHP. và MySquốc lộ.

Furthermore, we will show you how lớn build secure pages that are only accessed by logged in users. Without login, the user can not access the page.

How to lớn create a Registration and Login System with PHP & MySQL

Here are Seven pretty simple steps you have lớn follow to lớn create a login system.

Create a Database & Database TableConnect to the DatabaseSession Create for Logged in UserCreate a Registration và Login FormMake a Dashboard PageCreate a Logout (Destroy session)CSS File Create

Create a Database and Database Table

First, you have lớn log in to lớn PHPMyAdmin. Next, click on the Database tab khổng lồ create a new database. Enter your database name và cliông xã on create database button. As soon as PHPMyAdmin will create a new database.

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Connect khổng lồ the Database

After creating the table, we have to lớn create a PHP MySquốc lộ connector script lớn connect to lớn the MySquốc lộ database VPS. Create a file named db.php & put the following code inside it.


Session Create for Logged in User

Next, we have to lớn create a session for the user. Create a file named auth_session.php và paste the codes below.


Creating a Registration Form

Furthermore, create PHP tệp tin registration.php and paste the following example code in it. This will create an HTML form. It will allow users to lớn register.


Registration Clichồng here to Login

"; } else { echo "

Required fields are missing.

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Cliông chồng here to lớn registration again.

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