I am trying to figure out the reg ex khổng lồ match a street address. The format of the street address must be 2 or 3 digit number followed by a text string of the street name then ending with "Street" or "Road".

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So a valid address can be:

12 Fake Street12 nhái Road123 fake Street123 giả Road

Invalid address would be:

1 fake Street1 kém chất lượng Road1234 nhái Street1234 kém chất lượng Road

preg_match("/^<0-9>2,3 * *(Street|Road)$/", $_POST<"street">)I"ve sầu tried multiple ways khổng lồ approach this & can"t get the digits in lớn work correctly.If I try /^<0-9>2,3$/ it works by itself but when I add in the string expressions, it messes it up. Also using that formula without ^ or $, it"ll validate any amount of digits beyond 3 digits long. So 1234, 12345, etc will work.

php regex
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You don"t have correct regex to lớn match street name that comes after first digits since will match single alphabet only

Use this regex:

preg_match("/^<0-9>2,3 ++ +(Street|Road)$/", $_POST<"street">);Difference is + instead of

PS: Also changes lớn + instead of * since at least 1 space is needed between these components.

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