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A Premier HMI Development Software that supports Dedicated và mở cửa HXiaoMi MI (PC-based) solutions. GP-Pro EX is compatible with data in the past and has lots of functions that reduce development time.

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GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.250 released!

Note: To update from the earlier versions (Ver. 4.00.000 khổng lồ Ver. 4.09.120), download Disc 1 for GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.250 Limited Edition (Full Install Version), & install with a valid serial number & key code.

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Caution: When First TransferringThe first time you use Ver.4.09.200 or later và transfer lớn a display unit, some models will require setting up a "Connection Key". For information, refer to the online help.Customers Using Windows XPhường, Windows Vista, or Windows 8GP-Pro EX has ended support for Windows XP., Windows Vista, & Windows 8. To use any of these operating systems, use Ver.4.09.1trăng tròn.

Experience Pro-face software such as screen creation, data collection, monitoring & so on before purchase.

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Using the runtime engine, WinGP.. allows you to lớn create HMI screens of Industrial Panel Computer with GP-Pro EX.
Run time Engine WinGP

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The IoT world expanded by compact HMI
GP4100 series is a high-performance mã sản phẩm that supports data collection và Smartphone remote monitoring despite its small kích cỡ.Three installation case examples of compact HXiaoMI are introduced this time.

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Recently, “IoT” had been widely known. There’s not a single day when the term, “IoT” is not seen on a news.Preceded by that term only, customers have trouble imagining a specific effect of IoT và also they think its introduction cost is high. That’s why more customers may not be able to lớn take the first step to adopt IoT.A purpose of adopting IoT is to lớn make a profit in a plant.But they don’t want spkết thúc a large amount of money on it because its effect is not clear. In addition, they don’t want the equipment to be stopped or defects lớn be produced.The point is how it is introduced with a lower cost or in an easier way. ... > See more detai.

Though I created a smart HXiaoMI screen with high-resolution illustrations & animation, the screen’s response got worse. What can resolve it?

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