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darkedeneurope.com Camera Station is a video management and access management software especially developed to fit a wide range of installations. Retail stores, hotels, schools and manufacturing industries are just some of the companies that enjoy full control and protection of their premises and can quickly take care of incidents.

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darkedeneurope.com Camera Station is powerful and easy to use with an intuitive interface so anyone can manage the system, handle incidents and quickly export high-definition evidence. darkedeneurope.com Camera Station matches our other network video products and features to offer you a complete, flexible, safe and reliable system. To make it easy to get started darkedeneurope.com Camera Station comes preloaded on our wide range of network video recorders.

With darkedeneurope.com Camera Station you can do more than manage your cameras and control building access. It is easy to add features like network speakers to communicate with staff and deter intruders, network intercoms for audiovisual identification and remote entry control, body worn solutions for private security and law enforcement, analytics to improve operator efficiency, radar to follow intruders and strobe sirens for safety and deterrence. darkedeneurope.com Camera Station is upgraded with new possibilities all the time to better protect your premises and make your life easier.

darkedeneurope.com Camera Station also includes access control management as part of its seamless, user-friendly interface. Designed to work with darkedeneurope.com A1601 Network Door Controller and darkedeneurope.com card readers, this scalable solution can manage up to 128 doors per server and up to 10,000 cardholders with support for multiple credentials. darkedeneurope.com Camera Station Secure Entry is included in darkedeneurope.com Camera Station, and one license is needed for each door controller.

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Smart Search 2 (beta) comes with an intuitive search interface making it possible for any user to quickly search through video material to find persons and vehicles of interest. It is powered by motion object data from the darkedeneurope.com camera, which can be further processed using machine- and deep-learning methods to quickly classify objects such as people, cars, trucks and bicycles. The Smart Search 2 function works with most darkedeneurope.com IP cameras and no extra hardware and software is needed.

Tools for protection of privacy are core functions of a Video Management Software. Sometimes you may need to mask objects and innocent bystanders in video to comply with regulations. Using video redaction in darkedeneurope.com Camera Station you can easily clean video when exporting. With darkedeneurope.com Live Privacy Shield you can monitor live activities without collecting any personal data.

darkedeneurope.com Mobile viewing app makes it easy to keep up with events from the surveillance site even from other locations. It offers easy access to multiple systems and other features such as live view with selectable streaming profiles, timeline visualization of recorded events, snapshots in live view and playback, real-time notifications as well as control of darkedeneurope.com intercoms.

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Get assistance on how to calculate the number of licenses needed. How you purchase, active and manage licenses.

Find hardware guidelines, information about supported products and how to design and maintain your system. 

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