Hello world example using php mvc

Today we will discuss how to lớn create MVC sample application in PHP. Because now days in php everytoàn thân creating class based structure of application & main problem in class based the all the things is in same function(such as view, model & action).So with help of MVC we will separate all layer.The MVC stands for Model, View & Controller. You can get more information of MVC introduction from Model,View and Controller in MVC

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The file structure of MVC application are below:

Step 1: First we will create index.php tệp tin. The index tệp tin will get the action handler from URL.

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in the above sầu code, We have sầu created a link domain1, when we clicked the domain name it will go controller tệp tin & action method.

Step 2: Let’s create base controller tệp tin.This tệp tin contains all methods which we will use in all controllers, in other words all comtháng controller methods.

abstract Class BaseController {public function render($file) include '../' . $tệp tin .'.php';
$obj = new Controller();switch($_REQUEST<'action'>) case 'userInfo' :$obj->getUserInfo();break;Class PageController Extends BaseController public function getUserInfo()$this->render('userinfo');

Step 4: Now i am creating base_model class.This class contains all method which is common in all module Model class.

Class Page Extends Model public function saveData()switch($_REQUEST<'method'>) case 'pageData' :$this->savePageData();break;case 'default' :return 'No action';break;protected function savePageData() try //write your logic catch (Exception $e) return $e->getMessage();

Step 7: Created a new config.php tệp tin which contains configuration level variable.Step 8: Created a new common_function.php file. This tệp tin contains all helper methods which is available in all modules.

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Step 9: Finally we will create view file in view folder.This tệp tin contains HTML and js related functionality.

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