How do I rewrite the code in order to avoid the repetition of the block case 3:{code block A; break;}?

switch(i) { case 1: {code block A; break;} case 2: {code block b; break;} case 3: {code block A; break;} default: {code block default; break;}}How can I have combined code for case 1 and case 3?



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This format is shown in the PHP docs:

switch (i) { case 1: case 3: code block A; break; case 2: code block B; break; default: code block default; break;}With the release of PHP8 and the new match function, it is often a better solution to use match instead of switch.

For the example above, the equivalent with match would be :

$matchResult = match($i) { 1, 3 => // code block A 2 => // code block B default => // code block default}The match statement is shorter, doesn”t require breaks and returns a value so you don”t have to assign a value multiple times.

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Moreover, match will act like it was doing a === instead of a ==. This will probably be subject to discussion but it is what it is.

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Something like this

switch(i) { case 1: case 3: {code block A; break;} case 2: {code block b; break;} default: {code block default; break;}}
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Peter Mortensen
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Something like

$i = 10; switch($i){ case $i == 1 || $i > 3: echo “working”; break; case 2: echo “i = 2”; break; default: echo “i = $i”; break; }
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answered Aug 6, 2018 at 17:06
Hung PhamHung Pham
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