How to add bootstrap to html code example

Bootstrap is one of the most popular CSS, HTML, and JavaScript framework that exists. Needless khổng lồ say, the question of how khổng lồ add bootstrap to lớn HTML must surely have crossed your mind. This step by step guide explains the different methods you can use khổng lồ effortlessly links Bootstrap in HTML or to import Bootstrap to HTML, depending on how you want to integrate it inlớn your website.

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The most recent version of Bootstrap is Bootstrap 5. The steps you need lớn follow to add Bootstrap to HTML differ slightly based on the version you desire to lớn use. You will need a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and JS khổng lồ start with Bootstrap. Use one of the following three methods to add Bootstrap lớn HTML.

Method 1: Using the Bootstrap Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Using the Bootstrap CDN is a great way to lớn deliver the nội dung from your trang web khổng lồ your users quickly & efficiently based on their geographic location & improve your trang web server’s performance. To links Bootstrap in HTML using this method:

Adding Bootstrap 4 CDoanh Nghiệp to HTML

For CSS:

Copy this stylesheet liên kết lớn the tag of your desired HTML tệp tin.

For JS:

Copy this stylesheet before the over of the tag of your desired HTML file.

lưu ý that the functionalities of some JavaScript components like tabs & dropdowns depend on popper.js và jQuery. Hence, before loading the Bootstrap JavaScript tệp tin, include the jQuery and Popper CDN before loading the bootstrap.min.js file.

Adding Bootstrap 5 CDoanh Nghiệp lớn HTML

Bootstrap 5 no longer needs jQuery as a dependency since JavaScript can provide the same functionality. To add Bootstrap 5 CDoanh Nghiệp lớn HTML:

For CS

Copy this stylesheet links lớn the tag of your desired HTML file.

For JS

lưu ý that you need lớn load Popper JS before loading Bootstrap JS.

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Method 2: Downloading files locally

Another way of importing Bootstrap lớn HTML is to directly download the files locally to lớn your HTML project folder. The files can be downloaded from the following links:

After the desired Bootstrap version files have been downloaded:

For CSS:

Include a links to the bootstrap.min.css tệp tin in the portion of your HTML tệp tin. Doing this enables you lớn use the Bootstrap CSS components as per your need.

For JS:

Add a links to lớn the bootstrap.min.js tệp tin before the end of the portion of your HTML tệp tin. Doing this enables you lớn use Bootstrap JS components. 

Note that the jquery.min.js và popper.min.js files must be included before loading bootstrap.min.js, even if you have sầu downloaded the files locally.

Method 3: Using package managers to import Bootstrap to lớn HTML

Package managers like npm & yarn can prove to lớn be yet another efficient way of adding Bootstrap to HTML effortlessly. Since npm is the most popular package manager, the following example shows how Bootstrap can be installed & pulled inlớn any project using it. 

Type one of the following commands to the project thư mục. This is only valid if you have sầu initialized npm in the project.

Bootstrap 4: npm install bootstrap

A local copy of the desired version of the Bootstrap files is now downloaded inkhổng lồ the ‘node_modules’ thư mục in your project. After the desired Bootstrap version is imported:

For CS:

Include the bootstap.min.css tệp tin in the of your HTML file lớn use Bootstrap CSS components. 

For JS:

Use the bootstrap.min.js tệp tin before the over of the portion of your HTML file khổng lồ use the Bootstrap JS components. 

As mentioned before, jquery.min.js và popper.min.js both have to lớn be loaded before you load bootstrap.min.js.

Once you integrate Bootstrap 4, or 5 CSS with HTML, you can simply use the Bootstrap class elements và style your HTML files in the desired manner. You can refer to the Bootstrap documentation of your desired version lớn underst& the classes that can be used, & the actions that the corresponding classes perform. Similarly, after integrating Bootstrap JS to lớn HTML you can use the Bootstrap JS components by using JS data attributes directly in the HTML markup or by using jQuery. Refer to lớn the Bootstrap documentation to underst& how these components work và what features they offer.

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Examples from Creative sầu Tim


Material Dashboard is a không tính phí Material Bootstrap 4 Admin template which offers a cool design, easy to lớn use components, và third-tiệc nhỏ plugins designed to work perfectly with other elements. Cheông chồng out here its Download Page và Live Preview.

You can find similar, easy to lớn integrate Bootstrap templates và themes from Creative Tyên here. 


You can often be concerned with the question of how to lớn start with Bootstrap. However, rest assured that importing và adding Bootstrap to lớn HTML is a pretty straightforward process, & you can easily use Bootstrap khổng lồ enjoy additional attributes & features on top of your HTML files in no time.

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