Using the .val() function on a multi-select list will return an array of the selected values:

var selectedValues = $(“#multipleSelect”).val();

and in your html:

<select id=”multipleSelect” multiple=”multiple”> <option value=”1″>Text 1</option> <option value=”2″>Text 2</option> <option value=”3″>Text 3</option> </select>
what if u want to get Text 1 instead of value? replace .val() with .text()? – Raza Ahmed Sep 6 “13 at 6:17

Worth noting that a multiple select with nothing selected returns null rather than an empty array. This means if you’re programatically adding a selected value, you have a bit of juggling to do to get it right. – Leo May 22 “14 at 16:50
Thank you! There are so many ways to get a value from an element with jQuery that it's inevitably a struggle to find the way that you're looking for. – Charles Wood Jun 13 “14 at 14:59

Leo you can add a coalesc to get around the null issue e.g var selectedValues = $('#multipleSelect').val() || <>; Also worth noting it returns an array of strings. I was comparing to an integer and getting no matches, so i added a .toString(). – tkerwood Jul 27 “16 at 2:05

You can also use js map function:

$(“#multipleSelect :selected”).map(function(i, el) ).get();

And then you can get any property of the option element:

return $(el).text(); return $(el).data(“mydata”); return $(el).prop(“disabled”); etc…
great answer, but no need to pay the extra expense of wrapping el as a jQuery object for every single option. Just go straight off the DOM when it's not too weird. You could change $(el).val() to just el.value. Of course if you're used to jQuery or want to grab data or attributes like your other examples, jQuery isn't hurting anyone. – KyleMit Aug 14 “15 at 20:42

KyleMit Great tip. Just used this approach to grab a collection of hidden field values and it worked perfectly. – EvilDr Jun 19 “17 at 10:32
best answer. thanks – John Cris Mañabo Mar 4 at 5:34

var selected=<>; $(“#multipleSelect :selected”).each(function()); console.log(selected);

Yet another approch to this problem. The selected array will have the indexes as the option values and the each array item will have the text as its value.

Đang xem: Jquery multiple select dropdown

for example

<select id=”multipleSelect” multiple=”multiple”> <option value=”abc”>Text 1</option> <option value=”def”>Text 2</option> <option value=”ghi”>Text 3</option> </select>

if say option 1 and 2 are selected.

Xem thêm:

the selected array will be :

selected<"abc">=1; selected<"def">=2.

Just by one line-

var select_button_text = $(“#SelectQButton option:selected”) .toArray().map(item => item.text);

Output: <"text1", "text2">

var select_button_text = $(“#SelectQButton option:selected”) .toArray().map(item => item.value);

Output: <"value1", "value2">

If you use .join()

var select_button_text = $(“#SelectQButton option:selected”) .toArray().map(item => item.text).join();

Output: text1,text2,text3

Html Code:

<select id=”multiple” multiple=”multiple” name=”multiple”> <option value=””> — Select — </option> <option value=”1″>Opt1</option> <option value=”2″>Opt2</option> <option value=”3″>Opt3</option> <option value=”4″>Opt4</option> <option value=”5″>Opt5</option> </select>

JQuery Code:

$(“#multiple :selected”).each(function(i, sel));

Hope it works

Don't "hope it works", if you're not sure if it's the answer, test it and be sure! – Sterling Archer Nov 20 “15 at 14:34

If you are not sure of the answer , then do not post it..!! we are not here for hopes ..!! LOL – Clain Dsilva Dec 3 “15 at 13:16

Hey Man. It works perfectly. Check it out. You should hope it. Don't give irrelevent comment.. – Prabhagaran Dec 17 “15 at 11:19

This is an inefficient usage of jQuery. Better is approach is to preface with an ID selector like this: $('#multiple').find(':selected')
Prabhagaran – cannot_mutably_borrow Jan 18 “18 at 8:29
YounisShah I would hardly say it is "inefficient" as the time difference is relativity nothing… – NorCalKnockOut Feb 27 “18 at 22:36

Get selected values in comma separator

var Accessids = “”; $(“.multi_select .btn-group>ul>li input:checked”).each(function(i,obj) ); Accessids = Accessids.substring(0,Accessids.length – 1); console.log(Accessids);

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