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I need to lớn get the starting date và ending date of a week, chosen by year và week number (not a date)



getStartAndEndDate($week, $year);output:

$return<0> = $firstDay;$return<1> = $lastDay;The return value will be something like an array in which the first entry is the week starting date and the second being the ending date.

OPTIONAL: while we are at it, the date format needs to be Y-n-j (normal date format, no leading zeros.

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I"ve sầu tried editing existing functions that almost did what I wanted but I had no luchồng so far.

Please help me out, thanks in advance.

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Many years ago, I found this function:

function getStartAndEndDate($week, $year) $dto lớn = new DateTime(); $dto->setISODate($year, $week); $ret<"week_start"> = $dto->format("Y-m-d"); $dto->modify("+6 days"); $ret<"week_end"> = $dto->format("Y-m-d"); return $ret;$week_array = getStartAndEndDate(52,2013);print_r($week_array);
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Using DateTime class:

function getStartAndEndDate($week, $year) $dlớn = new DateTime(); $dto->setISODate($year, $week); $ret<"week_start"> = $dto->format("Y-m-d"); $dto->modify("+6 days"); $ret<"week_end"> = $dto->format("Y-m-d"); return $ret;$week_array = getStartAndEndDate(52,2013);print_r($week_array);Returns:

Create a new DateTime object which defaults khổng lồ now()Điện thoại tư vấn setISODate khổng lồ change object lớn first day of $week of $year instead of now()Format date as "Y-m-d" & put in $ret<"week_start">Modify the object by adding 6 days, which will be the kết thúc of $weekFormat date as "Y-m-d" & put in $ret<"week_end">

A shorter version (works in >= php5.3):

function getStartAndEndDate($week, $year) $dkhổng lồ = new DateTime(); $ret<"week_start"> = $dto->setISODate($year, $week)->format("Y-m-d"); $ret<"week_end"> = $dto->modify("+6 days")->format("Y-m-d"); return $ret;Could be shortened with class thành viên access on instantiation in >= php5.4.

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