var sArray = {856:”users”, 857:”avatars”, 858:”emails”};and I want to use forEach in a way to get key and value from that:

key = 856value = userMy $.each code doesn”t return the result I”m expecting, and I get instead:

856:userI must be separate that with : to get key and value from this array.

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My code is:

$.each(template_array, function(key, value) { console.log(“key: ” + “value: ” + value);});How to access key and value without separate?


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var sArray = { 856: “users”, 857: “avatars”, 858: “emails”};Object.keys(sArray).forEach(function (key) { document.write(“key: ” + key + “, value: ” + sArray + “”);});


var template_array = { 856: “users”, 857: “avatars”, 858: “emails”};$.each(template_array, function(key, value) { console.log(“key:” + key + “, value:” + value);});
var template_array = <"856: users", "857: avatars", "858: emails">;template_array.forEach(function(v) { v = v.split(“:”); console.log(“key:” + v<0> + “, value:” + v<1>);});


result is 0:856:users 1:857:avatars 2:858:emails i want to have key: 856 , value: users your code is not correct
try this one

var template_array = { 856: “users”, 857: “avatars”, 858: “emails”};var date = <>;$.each(template_array,function (key , val){ date.push({key:key, value:val}) });console.log(date)


var template_array = { 856: “users”, 857: “avatars”, 858: “emails”};for (key in template_array) { console.log(“key:” + key + “, value:” + template_array);});


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