I”ve got multiple music players on a page and need to make an index of them to pull the position of the current player from. The issue is that the currentPlayer is not a child, so using .find or .filter and then .index will always return a value of 0 because nothing else is in the array.

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So I need to find .currentPlayer”s index within the player array.

HTML (very simplified):


var player = $(“.player”), current = player.filter(“.currentPlayer”), index = current.index();


current.index() will search its parent for the element. so since current is an only child, it”s zero.

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You can pass a selector to .index; it”ll tell jQuery to search inside that for your element.

var player = $(“.player”), current = player.filter(“.currentPlayer”), index = current.index(“.player”);Or, you can tell jQuery to search for a specific element inside of an array:

var player = $(“.player”), current = player.filter(“.currentPlayer”), index = player.index(current);


You”re probably looking for



var position = 0;$(“.player”).each(function(i){if ($(this).hasClass(“currentPlayer”) == true) { position = i; }});


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