How can I get textarea element? I can"t use document.getElementById("textid") for it

I"m doing it lượt thích this now:

var note = document.getElementById("note");var notetext = note.querySelector("#textid");but it doesn"t work in IE(8)

How else I can vày it? jQuery is ok



If jQuery is okay, you can use find(). It"s basically equivalent lớn the way you are doing it right now.

Bạn đang xem: Jquery

$("#note").find("#textid");You can also use jQuery selectors lớn basically achieve the same thing:

$("#note #textid");Using these methods to lớn get something that already has an ID is kind of strange, but I"m supplying these assuming it"s not really how you plan on using it.

On a side note, you should know ID"s should be quality in your webpage. If you plan on having multiple elements with the same "ID" consider using a specific class name.

Update 2020.03.10

It"s a breeze khổng lồ use native sầu JS for this:

document.querySelector("#note #textid");If you want khổng lồ first find #note then #textid you have sầu khổng lồ kiểm tra the first querySelector result. If it fails to lớn match, chaining is no longer possible :(

var parent = document.querySelector("#note");var child = parent ? parent.querySelector("#textid") : null;
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Here is a pure JavaScript solution (without jQuery)

var _Utils = function (){ this.findChildById = function (element, childID, isSearchInnerDescendant) // isSearchInnerDescendant Example of use:

var myDiv = document.createElement("div");myDiv.innerHTML = "

" + "" + "" + "" + "
" + "
" + "
" + "
";var divToSearch = Utils.findChildById(myDiv, "divIdToSearch", true);
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(Dwell in atom)
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Using jQuery

$("#note textarea");or just

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$(selectedDOM).find();function looking for all dom objects inside the selected DOM.i.e.

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2


Paragraph 3

here if you write;

$("#mainDiv").find("p");you will get tree p elements together. On the other side,

$("#mainDiv").children("p");Function searching in the just children DOMs of the selected DOM object. So, by this code you will get just paragraph 1 & paragraph 2. It is so beneficial khổng lồ prevent browser doing unnecessary progress.

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