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Superb Resolution

The Game Recorder supports Motion-JPEG. With this file format you become able khổng lồ reach the best balance between file kích cỡ và image quality.Therefore, it is finally possible khổng lồ create outstanding Full HD video in reasonable tệp tin size!


Electronic Arts inh. Battlefield 3


Minimal Performance Loss

At the benchmark demo with Final Fantasy 14 the Game Recorder showed the least performance loss compared khổng lồ any competitor’s non-không tính tiền software.

Benchmark-Test Details "Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn Official Benchmark" Specs of the PC used in the benchmark test: Cori7 860, Geforce GT240, Windows7 32bit, Memory : 4GB, SSD256GB

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Easy lớn Use

Choose game, clichồng the record button. That’s it. No more option shuffling for hours! Record your own voice? No problem at all! Just decide which game lớn capture và here we go!


Completely Free!

Record your games for free without any limitation! Sounds great. But why don’t I have sầu to pay for this? The Game Recorder has been developed as a liên kết to lớn our đoạn phim editing software, darkedeneurope.comScope. We earn money with darkedeneurope.comScope và the Game Recorder stays independent and freely usable forever & ever :-D !

Supported Games

Battlefield 4 Call of Duty:Ghosts League of Legends Dota 2 Minecraft
World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm call of Duty: Blaông chồng Ops II Path of Exile
The Binding of Isaac Diablo3 Heroes of Newerth Battlefield 3
Browsergames DirectX9,10,11,OpenGL kompatible Games Sonstige Windows-Applikationen

System Requirements

OS: Windows7, Windows8 32bit/64bit (not compatible with Vista, XP) CPU: minimum Chip Core i Series Memory: minimum 2GB HDD: at least 5GB available

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