Download real football for android free is taking khổng lồ the pitch with the next installment of its world-class soccer game, Real Football 2019. Prepare for kick off against players all around the globe and our best AI teams yet. All this while you tackle fan-favorite modes along with the all-new International Cup & Historic Challenges.

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Real Football 2019 is set khổng lồ bring you the most realistic soccer experience on mobile. The franchise has always strived to offer the most accurate sporting experience, but 2018’s installment brings closer than ever to our goal of delivering the true thrill of this beautiful game.

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More detail, more immersion

RF 19 offers a new màn chơi of immersion which is down to lớn an improved experience at the base cấp độ. The 3 chiều visuals look better than ever with more detailed textures và shadows. This breathes life inkhổng lồ the incredible stadiums, drawing you inlớn every second of the action. Combine this with more camera views for specific plays & replays, & you quickly discover a depth of atmosphere previously unseen in the series.

It’s not just the atmosphere though, on the field huge gameplay improvements have sầu also been made. Many of these tweaks are not immediately apparent, but play for a while & these enhancements become clear.


AI refinements have been made to lớn both your own players and the opposing team. With your own team moving more realistically you can create natural plays as your players are exactly where you need them to be.

However, the opposing teams also benefit from these improvements, so you can expect them to lớn adapt khổng lồ your play style và techniques to offer a more satisfying challenge. These new AIs combine with improved ball physics khổng lồ create the most fluid & believable Real Football title.

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New modes

But all of this dynamic play would quickly become dull without engaging game modes, & here Real Football 2019 delivers more than ever. This year,’s soccer sim comes stuffed with modes that allow you khổng lồ challenge teams at the International cấp độ.


The newest of RF19’s modes is the International Cup. Here you can pichồng from one of 32 teams from different nations around the world. Starting in one of eight groups, you must lead your chosen country through every stage if you hope lớn make it lớn the finals và lift Real Football’s International Cup!

To further exp& the International offerings, you can also now relive đôi mươi iconic moment’s from soccer history. This is Historic Challenge Mode. Drop into lớn these scenartiện ích ios to hone your skills in increasingly difficult challenges. Beat the odds và you’ll be able to clayên ổn amazing rewards.


Returning favorites

Season Mode also returns in RF19. Move your way through national leagues by winning matches. Each year you can climb the table, earn money, và optimize your transfers to vì even better the following season.

To get the most from your team you have sầu to lớn train your players to improve sầu their stats. However, as well as managing individuals, you must also develop your facilities. Grow your stadium to get more money for each game, discover rookies with the Scout Camp, reduce injuries with a Hospital, và improve sầu stamina with the Physio Center.


Plus, for the first time ever, complete special missions to gain Sponsorship deals for your team. Select your Sponsor & complete its requests lớn get exclusive sầu perks!

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Worldwide Leaderboards via Facebook are also baông xã. Here you can compare your skills with friends & other players of Real Football 2019. Prove your team is the best in the world as you take trang chính the cup.

Begin your journey into lớn the world of professional soccer with Real Football 2019. You can tải về it now from the Store for Android devices. Lead your team to lớn league & cup victory in the most immersive football game on mobile!