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Real Car Parking 2 (MOD Unlimited Money) – In your opinion, what is the concept of a good car driver? Are participants in safe traffic? The driver with lots of techniques like drift or jumping on the street? Or a street xe đạp racer on all roads? Everyone has a different concept about this but most of all, in the age of crowded people today, I highly appreciate those who are able to find parking spaces in the đô thị and park them the most perfect way.

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So from that perspective sầu, have you been a good driver? If not, let me introduce you to lớn a very realistic game that will make you a master in parking, which is Real Car Parking 2 of Genetic Studio. The game is released for không lấy phí on both Android & iOS operating systems, so you can freely experience without spending any money. On Google Play alone, this game has achieved more than 10 million downloads and extremely high rating scores.

Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Real Car Parking 2
Genetic Studios
Unlimited Money
Android 4.4


As I mentioned above, Real Car Parking 2 will simulate all-terrain oto parking from a parking lot to lớn a messy street. Your task is to lớn control the vehicle so that it stops right at the position that the game has indicated. It sounds simple because if you’ve ever participated in Grand Theft Aulớn (GTA) or Bus Simulator: Ultimate, you’re also sure of your ability lớn drive emulators. However, everything is not easy at all. The game has a very different control interface than the previous games and the challenges in the game can be extremely hard!


When participating in the game, you will be transformed into lớn a real driver behind the wheel with the job of completing the challenge of parking. A real oto has what tools to control, in Real Car Parking 2 also appeared about the same thing on the interface screen. You will control your oto with the same steering wheel và other parts in real life. cảm biến & drag the steering wheel lớn make the car move sầu in the direction you want. In addition, the lever, brake pedal, and gas pedal also appear on the screen with the same effect as the real thing.


Real Car Parking 2 has many different tests and challenges. Game modes include Starter Mode, Time Mode, Hard Mode, and Hardcore Mode.

Starter Mode is suitable for newbies, in the process of learning the game. The level of difficulty is not too high of the game will be the perfect first step for new players.

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Time Mode is a parking mode with a specific time limit. During a certain period of time, the player will have sầu lớn persize the assigned task. Although time is relatively comfortable to complete the thử nghiệm, who knows what will happen in front of you. This mode is appealing by urgency, hustle it brings, especially when playing on high levels.

For Hard Mode & Hardcore Mode, I would lượt thích to confirm one thing, it’s really hard. Dreadful challenges will often appear in these two regimes. You will be put into lớn unpredictable circumstances that you will probably never think of. But the task is still the task, try your best to get out of it!

Modern supercars

After each completion of the challenge, players will receive sầu a certain amount of money & you can use that money to lớn fill your garage with supercars.


The game has a huge number of cars with many famous car brands in the world khổng lồ help you satisfy your passion for cars. Have sầu you ever dreamed of sitting behind the wheel of Lamborghini or Ferrari? So let Real Car Parking 2 fulfill your dream!


Real Car Parking 2 has a modern, vivid 3D graphics platsize. Every detail in the game from the interior of the car, the exterior of the car to the outer landscape is extremely realistic. Supercars in the game are also designed lớn be similarly realistic. You will feel like you are controlling them yourself in real life.

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Besides, the sound of the game is also a great plus. The sound of the engine, the sound of the car starting all reaches ten points in quality.


Real Car Parking 2 gives you exciting experiences and real-world experiences when you are in traffic or driving a driving kiểm tra. If you are struggling on a parking test lớn vì a car chạy thử, vày not hesitate to download this game right away, maybe all your problems will be solved in a few days of playing this game on the sofa!