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a game by SKH Apps, and Shawn Hitchcock Platform: PC Editor Rating: 7.5 /10 , based on 2 reviews, 1 đánh giá is shown User Rating: 7.1 /10 - 7 votes Rate this game:
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Throughout the last decade in gaming, there has been a real shift towards truly gripping horror games taking the centre stage again. Games such as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Outlast and P.T. really helped khổng lồ bring bone-chilling scares baông xã to the genre that was becoming much more action-heavy. So we look at a title that aimed lớn jump on this trover & ride it for all the success it could get. We are of course talking about the indie horror game, Pacify.

This one plays much like the modern survival horror games of recent memory such as Alien: Isolation or the aforementioned Outlast series. However, combines themes from games with a paranormal twist such as Forbidden Siren for example. It’s an interesting blover of styles that keeps the familiar gameplay fresh & draws you inlớn the action.

Short but sweet

This game is admittedly an indie title & for that reason, the run time on this one is pretty short. The average player is likely lớn see this one out in about three hours. However, the three hours you have sầu in this house will be packed with intense action, frantic puzzle-solving and a thiết kế that doesn’t show the unrefined tells of a standard indie horror game.

The animations are slichồng, the environments are well crafted & ominous, plus the character models are great, especially the little girl who will be the one chasing you throughout your playthrough. They render her to lớn be a truly frightening sight which makes you want lớn run further và faster when things go wrong.

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Then with regards lớn the gameplay, there is a real focus on exploration and discovery. Which translates lớn you focusing on objects and environments to solve sầu puzzles. Which in turn, makes the jump scares caused by the omnipresent little girl to lớn be all the more effective.

Play with pals

This game also has a co-op feature which isn’t necessarily something that is all too comtháng with indie titles, at least not from launch. You’ll be able khổng lồ play the main campaign with your pals & size a ragtag group that can solve puzzles fast lớn avoid capture. You’ll have near-death moments, altruistic moments where your buddies will lay down their lives for you & perhaps, with a lot of skill và tốc độ, you’ll escape with the whole group in one piece.

There is also a PVP mode if you’re inkhổng lồ a more competitive horror experience. This essentially pins you against one another in an experiment to lớn see who can escape fasthử nghiệm. This is a fun mode that really tests how you handle high-pressure situations with both a ghost và potential enemies breathing down your neck.

I ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts

This game is by no means a masterclass in horror. It’s jump scares can be cheap at times và the format has been done many times & done better too. However, what this game aims to lớn achieve, it does with aplomb. The environment although a little generic is scary & well designed. The sound thiết kế is adequate for the job at h&. The story is fairly competent and the puzzles are well made. Plus there is a series of game modes that you can play with your friends.

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This game offers an awful lot for horror fans at a bargain price. So out verdict is go inkhổng lồ this one with an open mind, don’t expect the world and you’ll have a really good time playing this one.


Decent visuals & sound Competent puzzles & story Multiple game modes including co-op


Short run time Rather generic setting & format