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a game by Tsukudomain authority Co., Ltd
Genre: Board Games
NES, GameBoy
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 4 Reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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1 joystick

Did you know there is a secret slot mode in this game? Well, if you start up a game using SELECT & START, the mode will be displayed as "slot".

Play through the game normally, but when it prompts you lớn hit START lớn count the final number of chips, hit SELECT and A. A strange display will appear, và you"ll have sầu a chance lớn get some extra chips on your side.


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System requirements: PC compatible Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXPhường P-200, 32 MB RAM

System requirements: PC compatible Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

A Minute lớn Learn...A Lifetime to Master

It"s a never ending challenge, whether you pit your wits against the computer or a frikết thúc. In a split second one move can win the game.

Your opponent traps your discs và flips them to his side. Unless you beat him lớn it. The advantage shifts from Black to lớn White and buông xã before you can say Othello. With four skill levels to lớn boggle your mind, no matter which you play, you"ll flip!

"A minute to learn... a lifetime lớn master". That phrase does a good job of summing up Othello, a popular board game now available for your NES system. Most of you are probably already familiar with this Japanese game of high strategy, but if you"re not, be prepared to be amazed at how complex a simple game can be.

I know that last sentence sounds lượt thích a contradiction, but it"s not. You see, the rules for Othello are deceptively simple. Players take turns placing chips on the board, each move causing one or more of their opponent"s chips lớn be flanked by two of their own. The flanked chips are then "flipped" lớn the flanking player"s color. trò chơi play couldn"t be any simpler.

Once you get into Othello, however, you"ll be amazed at how far-reaching a single move sầu can be. One misplaced chip could set up the board for a coup by your opponent, with so many of your chips being flipped that the entire outlook of the game will change.

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On the other hvà, the more of your opponent"s chips on the board, the better your chances are of flanking large numbers of them with a single move sầu.

Acclaim"s translation of Othello allows one-player games against the computer or two-player games, human against human. Before a game begins, several options need to lớn be selected, including a one-or two-player game, the length of the game in minutes and, in the one-player mode, the difficulty cấp độ. In the computer-vs.-human mode, you may also choose khổng lồ play either blachồng or White. Once the options have been selected, each player enters his name, và the match begins.

The game"s controls - an all-important element in the translation of a board game khổng lồ a computer - are simple và easy to use. You move an on-screen h& khổng lồ point to where you wish to place your piece, &, if the move is legal, the computer places the disk and flips any of your opponent"s pieces that have sầu been flanked. Should you attempt an illegal move, the game tells you to lớn "Try again".

The on-screen clocks display the amount of time each player has consumed. As soon as it becomes a player"s turn, his cloông chồng begins advancing, with the time being accumulated over the entire length of the game. Should any player"s cloông chồng run out, his opponent automatically wins.

The game ends when the board is filled with disks, when one of the clocks runs out or when neither player can make a legal move. At this time, the number of chips for each player are tallied and the winner"s name displayed.

One handy feature included in this electronic version of Othello is the ability to lớn cancel the last mix of moves. In the case of a one-player game, selecting this option will cancel both yours and the computer"s last moves, with no verification necessary. But in the two-player game, both players must agree to lớn the cancellation.

Like chess, Othello is a game of pure strategy - there is no luông chồng involved. But, unlike chess, Othello"s simplithành phố makes it perfect for the entire family. Though the strategies required khổng lồ master this game are tough khổng lồ learn, the game can be enjoyed by even a young child.

Published by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. và developed by Kawada, Co. Ltd, the game was released in 1988.

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This đoạn phim game is a conversion of the board game. Here every player has khổng lồ fill the game board with as many discs of his color as possible. On each turn the player puts a disc on the board, picking a place where the opponent’s discs will become trapped amid two of his discs. Those trapped discs are flipped over khổng lồ the color of the players. The game is over when the board is filled or else time has run out. The player with the best result – has got the greathử nghiệm number of his color discs on the board, scores the victory. This game can be played by two players against each other. Or also one player can play against the computer.