Need for speed no limits 5

Need for Speed Most Wanted is one of the best games from the EA saga. Compete to lớn climb khổng lồ the top of the Blackdanh mục và don"t get caught by the police


Baông chồng in 1994, Electronic Arts released what was possibly the first racing game that made the most of what Pentiums were capable of offering. The Need for Speed was the first installment of this oto racing game saga that was published on PC DOS, Sony PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, and 3DO, the video clip console designed by EA that was made by Panasonic, Sanyo, & LG.

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The game was a real revolution because it offered as a rather realistic oto simulator for baông xã then with real-life recreations of cars such as the Dodge Viper, Lamborghini Diablo, Porsbịt 911, Acura NSX, etc., as well as races among muốn the traffic and police chases just like in Test Drive.

The beginning of a prolific series

Well, this was the start of the racing video game series that landed on Windows after the death of MS-DOS và that would also conquer the rest of Clip consoles & operating systems (PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Nintenvị, Android APKs, iPhone...) and that in 2003, thanks to lớn NFS: Underground, started its adventure mode, which would become even more sophisticated with the development of Need for Speed Most Wanted.

The game"s plot revolved around Mark Cooper, who arrives in Rockport on board his BMW M3, where he loses his car in an ambush mix up by a member of the Blackcác mục, the danh mục of the most wanted drivers. That"s when the adventure of Cooper will start, having lớn explore the city with total freedom, searching for drivers khổng lồ race against khổng lồ earn money in order to lớn improve his current car và try to defeat the top spot of the danh mục và recover his BMW.

Try lớn top the Blackcác mục to lớn recover your BMW M3.

Therefore, our target is to lớn become the most wanted và respected driver, fleeing from the police (who won"t spare any efforts lớn try to catch us, even using helicopters if necessary) with the idea to lớn improve sầu và customize our vehicles.

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Dominate the art of strategic evasion from the police.Gain reputation on the streets to move up the Blacklist.Customize the appearance of your car lớn obtain the best results.

During the game, you"ll be up against different chasing levels that are started as you commit different crimes. Each one of them has a certain length và you"ll move sầu onkhổng lồ the next màn chơi once that time is up. You"ll evolve sầu from cấp độ 1, with a simple police patrol car trying khổng lồ catch us, lớn level 6, in which the unmarked cruiser patrol with their Chevrolet Corvette C6, spike trips, and helicopters will try khổng lồ arrest us.

The game also offers us a wide range of different cars that we can drive sầu around, from the most humble models such as the Chevrolet Cobalt or Fiat Punto, to high-range cars of the likes of Aston Martin, Lotus or Lamborghini.

Download the Need For Speed soundtrack for free

This is one of the most recurring sentences that we can find in Google regarding the soundtracks of the games in this series, such as this Most Wanter or Underground & Carbon. Well, you won"t be able khổng lồ tải về it in MP3 legally, although if you take a look at Spotify you"ll see that some users have created playlists with songs from the game.

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Each game has a really great soundtrachồng to accompany the action và this installment, in particular, comes along with music by Mastodon, Prodigy, Disturbed, Static-X, Avenged Sevenfold, Jamiroquai or The Roots.