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Need for Speed Most Wanted Description

Into lớn the game, a few simple plain sports car, simple và atmospheric, not flamboyant, but more gorgeous. I personally vày not have too much demand on the picture, the law-abiding & able khổng lồ see the OK, such as NFS this slightly higher than expected value of the situation, I was satisfied, but I can be sure that more demanding players will certainly pursue a more superb vision Experience. In my mind, better than NFS racing game is not without.

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Gaming details in place, shiny real car body can clearly reflect the surrounding scene. During the game, the vehicle can be damaged. When the vehicle is damaged, the screen will be extremely detailed. Extremely rich game scene, from the city, parks, mountains, factories ranging from the beach, beautiful scenery realistic, detailed texture in place.

Details are rich around the road, but sometimes it is difficult to lớn tell the isolation zone at fast speeds. The biggest picture of progress for this performance than the light & shadow effects, which sparks when the vehicle bursts into lớn the excellent effect, it can be spurious. When drove sầu out of the tunnel, you can see the dazzling sunlight, through the shelter will have sầu a real-time reflection of light effects.

Rain effect is delicate, and has a reflection effect. At the same time the game there are many details of the screen, such as the weather changes, splashing when driving to lớn different pavement, through the flowers when the tree can see the falling petals, và crashing over the street mailbox chaos newspaper & many more. There are no anti-aliasing options in the game"s settings, but the overall picture"s jagged effect is not noticeable.

Although it is a car entertainment game, but the production team did not shuffle in the sound of the game. Each car has a quality engine sound, at the same time according lớn the different degree of throttle engine sound also has completely different changes, such as the throttle half-step engine sound is more stable, release the throttle idling, full force when the roar và many more.

When the sound of the collision oto more prominent, whether it hit the street lights or hit a row of iron fence, will reflect a very realistic sound effects.

When the police wanted to hunt, will join the dialogue between the police, but also will reveal some important information, such as the hunt for the vehicle Model and color, etc., even if you suddenly painted for a color police will also follow the vehicle color is updated & many more.

The game is simple, needless to lớn say, of course, in order khổng lồ best seek a better experience, I recommkết thúc the use of the handle for the game. Game tư vấn for the handle is better, in different environments have different vibration feedbaông chồng, you can on the other h& remind the player now the situation of the vehicle.

For a racing game, the feel of the game is extremely important for the operation of the vehicle feel in a more ambiguous positioning. Vehicle control is more flexible, the body of the feedbachồng effect is more heavy head, when using the brakes can make a simple bkết thúc elegant action, và h& brake elegant effect is not obvious & easy to lớn make the body skew.

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The handling of the vehicle becomes extremely poor at a very fast speed, almost totally out of control. However, after a little adaptation, but also on the kind of high tốc độ for a long time skidding put it down.

AI design in the game is extremely aggressive, whether it is in any game, computer opponents will be fierce top players fierce asshole, squeezed out of the plug to install the thin cricket is even more commonplace. At the same time because the game itself phối the police chase situation, so most of the game will be inserted inkhổng lồ the spoiler.

Police car thiết kế is also aggressive, if you want lớn smoothly reach the finish line, or is the fasdemo courier come out on top, or is hiding obediently at the end, but this is not easy, most of the game you want to get First, in addition lớn understanding the trachồng, luchồng takes up a large part.

A game repeated several times presumably is that part of the way players vị not like, but unfortunately, want to lớn get those modified car parts, most of the conditions must be won first place.

When the player"s vehicle hits NPC vehicles, police cars, roadblocks, walls, anything that should not be hit, the game will give a close-up of the car accident, after which the player"s vehicle is placed in the oto, regardless of race conditions Rephối the player"s car (during the race).

The events in the game are more or less the same as running in circles and teasing the police. The track thiết kế of the game is marked directly in the thành phố checkpoint, there is not much restriction between checkpoints, most of the roads are very wide, và sometimes accidentally open the wrong way.

Seventy-eight cars race comtháng sense, refreshing full! The molesting police & the former is somewhat similar, is still running around lớn evade chase to lớn reduce the wanted, this for the cancellation of hiding point, & can use the modified vehicle appearance checkpoint to reduce the wanted cấp độ while cooling.

It is noteworthy that, because of the added hardness of the vehicle design, sometimes, or most of the time, the average vehicle rushed toward the road bloông chồng by the police car rushed results are oto

Players only need continuous competitions or constant teasing of the police molesting the police khổng lồ get the opportunity khổng lồ compete with those ten enemies. Before that, the live-action animated film that was amazing for that year completely disappeared. Instead, the game was played immediately before each game Called an art fancochồng full but it does not know what the meaning of the animation, và each game has.

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Overall, this is still quite good unique.But if you are a racing game lover, this is still you really must not miss the real masterpiece, get on the driver"s seat, hold the steering wheel, feel the roar of the motor Drag racing it.