Mma manager for android

This is your fight team. Recruit fighters from multiple weight classes và hire coaches khổng lồ train them. Negotiate with leagues, book fights, and guide your fighters up the ranks lớn win titles. An open-ended game in a simulated MMA world with 10 different fight promotions & at least 940 AI fighters. Wide range of procedurally generated fighters with differing appearances, skills, stats, martial arts backgrounds, records và personalities. Fighter appearances can vary in hair styles, colours, tattoos, skin tone, facial hair & cauliflower ears. AI Fighters will age out, fight each other & move sầu up & down the rankings. Fully Simulated player fighters và personalities including greed, happiness, bad habits và career goals.

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Manage your fighters’ careers, keep them happy but rethành viên you can always get rid of them. Complex fight simulations with a huge number of possible combinations of action that can trang điểm each fight. Corner fighters & influence key moments in the fight. Different martial arts styles affect what techniques fighters can use. Fighters can learn new styles from their coaches. Deal with issues like missing weight, injuries, & PEDs. Upgrade & equip your gym with the best equipment to lớn compliment your coaches.

It"s a K.O Really good game and worth the money. Soon as you understvà how lớn play it you will love sầu it. Will keep you coming baông chồng for more. Hours of fun. Definetly recommover getting this.

★★★★★Tom Norris, Google Play

A great game As a massive mma người I"m happy khổng lồ see this game here, so far it seems great, can"t wait khổng lồ see how it grows

★★★★★Benji H, Google Play

It is deep enough to allow you to lớn feel like you are running things without ever being too overwhelming và will keep you entertained for many an hour. A must for any MMA tín đồ.

Michael Dalgleish,

A gem. If you like MMA, and thinking man games (this is not an action game). You will love sầu this! The developer has already launched an impressive campaign of updates to lớn the game which to me shows the love that is going into lớn this project.

★★★★★Luckithroe, App Store

MMA manager Fantastic game, great tutorial, simple interface, one of the better games I"ve played

★★★★★John Dorymeade, Google Play

One of the best simulation games on any platsize The best apk simulation management game I have sầu played on app android.

★★★★★craig skelly, Google Play

If you spover your days flexing your fists and practising your fighting footwork, this is the perfect game to lớn liven up the bus stop.

Alysia Judge,

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Great game! I love sầu sports management sims! And this is one of the best I"ve seen on thiết bị di động

★★★★★AkitAtikA7, App Store

Tons of fun I"m digging it a whole bunch, it"s really cool. Very user friendly, doesn"t take lots of time to master. It also simulates lots of real MMA experiences lượt thích PEDs, missing weight, etc.

★★★★★ethan Dupras, Google Play

This is an awesome game. I have been hooked ever since downloading it. Need more sims like this for crying out loud, the way these games pass time is amazing!

★★★★★Raymond Johnson, Google Play

Very Good Not a massive sầu MMA fan, but love strategy / management games & really enjoying this. Deserves 5 stars.

★★★★★MikeGoodie, App Store

MMA Manager is designed for fans who are looking for an addictive strategy game lớn play out their perfect gym.

Alysia Judge,

This is amazing. Honestly cant see anything wrong well worth the price its an amazing game yên hooked

★★★★★Lilt8888, App Store

Love sầu it I"m a sucker for these text based sports sims. This is one of the best thiết bị di động ones I"ve played. Great even if you aren"t an MMA fan!

★★★★★Matt Devereaux, Google Play

MMA Manager is a great management syên ổn to pass time or any train journey or whenever you get a spare moment.

Michael Dalgleish,

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All Kinds of Fun!! I played this game & it"s really fun, the strategy isn"t too hard lớn deal with và that makes the game more entertaining!

★★★★★Body by Louis, Google Play