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The You Testament: The 2D Coming

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The You Testament MOD APK (Unlocked All) is a simulation game based on the Bible. The game released by Mat Dickie’s (MDickie), a developer from North Lincolnshire, England. He is also the creator of School Days and the famous wrestling game for mobile Wrestling Revolution. Most of Mat Dickie’s games stand out with features like low-quality poly graphics and clumsy controls. He shared that it helped his game give better performance and “can cross many boundaries”.Bạn đang xem: Wrestling revolution mod apk 2

About The You TestamentMOD APK version of The You Testament

About The You Testament

The You Testament is considered Mat Dickie’s last game. But after that, he changed his mind and created a sequel called Making of a Prophet with the content around Muhammad, who founded Islam.

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On the main screen of the game includes the joystick virtual key on the left to control the character moving up, down, left and right. Double click in the direction you want to run. Besides, I will explain about the remaining keys.

A: Attack.G: Throw or hold.P: Pick up or drop an object.U: Use object you want.P + U: Combine any two objects.Eye icon: Click to sleep, hold to meditate.

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Each decision opens a new story


When you play The You Testament, your character constantly feels hungry, very much. The workaround is that you can catch some animals like chickens, rabbits, geese, … and kill them for food. However, if your food bar is full and you continue to eat, you may vomit. This reduces your health quite a lot.

Sleep is the best way to recover health. One thing you need to know is that sleeping on a bed or in a warm place is better than sleeping on the floor. Because sleeping on the floor can reduce your energy bar.

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During your adventure, there are many people who need your help. Some people are dying, you can save their lives by holding them by your arms. You will feel happy and get their gratitude. Good work is always a great thing, isn’t it?

MOD APK version of The You Testament

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Download The You Testament MOD APK for Android

Now is the time to join The You Testament and rewrite the history at your disposal. Discover the mysteries of the 50 stories of the Bible in this interesting game. If you want to discuss the game, leave a comment below the article.

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