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steam games download does not work the same as browser file downloads1. allocate space on drive sầu (steamsteamappsdownloading)2. populate files (download happens here to lớn steamsteamappsdownloading)3. unpachồng files4. move files from dwonloading khổng lồ gamenamestep 3 takes alot of cpu/hdd usage & no mạng internet usagewith a slow hdd or cpu it will take some time
Why not kiểm tra the Task manager và see what exactly is using it? that should tell you anything you need to knowIf you have sầu an AV with a live sầu scanner, that could be whats causing it.And you may want to invest in a better cooler lol
Why not check the Task manager và see what exactly is using it? that should tell you anything you need to lớn knowIf you have sầu an AV with a live sầu scanner, that could be whats causing it.And you may want to lớn invest in a better cooler lol I did. There was lượt thích 5 of the same things using it. It was all part of the installation. So that"s why I"m wondering why it needed my CPU. And I"m aware of needing a new cooler. My 120MM rad isn"t going khổng lồ cut it with this CPU.

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any compressed file thats downloaded and is installed simultaniously is gonna use your cpu to lớn decompress the data as is needed by the installation.
Fix the CPU cooling issue; then this all won"t be of any issues.What are you experiencing is normal. HDDs are slow, so the process lớn tải về, un-compress, recompile takes a while, this process uses your CPU fully khổng lồ vày all of that, why would you think otherwise?This also wouldn"t really be an issue if the OS was on SSD và not this slow HDD.
I once had the same issue, the problem was that after unpacking downloaded files my antivirut was also checking them for malwares, so that stressed CPU even more.

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One more reason khổng lồ ease this by adding Steam or SteamLibrarykhổng lồ you AV"s exclusion listing in its settings.
So I"m currently downloading something on my PC, it is not using the internet.This makes no sense. What are you downloading & where are you downloading from?My CPU usage is at 99 when download itTotal utilization? What applications are running? Is the system"s performance being impacted? This may be totally normal, as long as you"re not seeing a serious performance impact I wouldn"t worry about it. và my temps are at 190-200FWhere are you getting this info from? It"s uncommon for anything lớn report in Fahrenheit scale, but while this might seem alarming, it actually isn"t. The 4790K"s #PROCHOT is, i believe sầu, 100c, so while it"s pretty far up there, the CPU wouldn"t throttle itself just yet. You probably need khổng lồ clean & remount your cooler too, then typical load temp should drop.and I have khổng lồ downclochồng my CPU in the processor power management so it"s running at 4GHz instead of 4.6 GHz.You shouldn"t need lớn do that, but the 4790K"s max turbo boost is 4.4Ghz, not 4.6Ghz. Your stuff is configured wrong. The CPU should only hit turbo frequencies very occasionally and briefly và only under very heavy demand. Update your firmwareWhy is it using my CPU lớn download?As opposed khổng lồ what? Network Controllers (esp onboard) are generally just bus adapters/interfaces, not dedicated processors. It"s the CPU that does most/all the heavy lifting. As others have sầu noted Steam has to lớn "unpack" stuff as it downloads, and that too will utilize the CPU.It"s indeed using my hard drive because that"s always at 99 or 100 disk usage.disks are slow, very, very slow. Even SATA SSD"s are relatively slow compared to other system busses, but spinning disks are really slow.But why my CPU?Because it"s the CPU. That"s what they bởi vì, Central Processing.What does my CPU have sầu that my hard disk can"t vị by itself?Your HDD can"t do anything by itself. Unless you have an actual honest to god hardware disk controller (Read, Hardware RAID Card), then your SATA controller is just a simple bus adapter/interface. It"s again the CPU that is doing all the real heavy lifting. this is normalBecause I find it pointless that my CPU is even needed during this tải về.With all due respect, this is probably because you lachồng expertise on how computers actually work. Pretty much everything depends on the CPU to lớn some degree.

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So vị I. still an awesome CPU.

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