Axes MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a brand new survival game from the publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES. Before now, you’ve sầu probably played through other survival games lượt thích,,, .. And each game has a completely different playing style.

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Overview information

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Unlimited Money
Android 4.1


Currently, the play of survival is storming in the gaming community. This is one of the good games about the survival genre that is very popular. So what’s this game so attractive? Do not waste any more time, let’s start lớn learn some information about this game.

Axe pháo battle royale game has a battle royale survival gameplay. Like other titles, when starting the battle you must quickly find your weapons khổng lồ be ready to lớn engage in fierce battles. However, this game does not use guns, ammunition as weapons, but rather axes. It feels like we’re in the Stone Age.


Your task is simply lớn become the last survivor of the war. You are equipped with an axe pháo, rethành viên khổng lồ aim exactly before throwing. Whether the shot hits the target or misses, it takes some time to lớn make the next pitch. Therefore, the game requires extreme precision because if you miss, you become the prey of all other players. Even a small mistake can cost you your life.

Control is also simple, similar khổng lồ, an attractive sầu game that many people love. To the left of the screen is a virtual joystiông chồng to help you move sầu the character, while khổng lồ the right is a throwing button. It’s too simple, isn’t it?


Your character can be levelled up in battle. Experience points scattered throughout the map, you have sầu lớn get a lot lớn cấp độ up và upgrade your skills. Every time you cấp độ up, you will be selected 1 of 3 random skill. Some of the benefits you can get include increased health, increased attack tốc độ, increased range, increased movement tốc độ.


Modes is a game that supports playing both offline and online. Therefore, you can play anywhere, anytime. Even in a place with no network connection, you can still join the fierce battle. Multiplayer mode, which allows you to fight real players instead of practicing with AIs. Your time is limited. When the time runs out who has the highest score will be the winner. If you die before the timer runs out, the score will be rephối to lớn zero.

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Battle Royale mode is really attractive sầu. Like PUBG Mobile, the game limits the number of players in a match. Dead players will not be replaced by other players. The last surviving player is the winner.

Unloông xã characters and weapons

Characters và weapons are two things you can unlochồng. There are many interesting characters in this game, you can recognize characters from comics or movies lượt thích Thor, vampires, Viking warriors, … To ensure balance in each match, an expensive sầu character does not make you stronger than other players. It merely changes the visual experience & increases your inspiration.

Besides, you can choose between many different weapons such as axes, knives, darts, …

Graphics owns extremely beautiful 3 chiều graphics. From character creation to lớn animation are great even though the characters are only designed with LEGO-style squares. The map is also very diverse and constantly changing when starting a new battle of survival. The top-down view helps you see things more generally và easily detect enemies.


MOD APK version of

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: When you use our MOD APK version, you can buy any character và weapon you want even though your gems have dropped khổng lồ negative sầu. However, many characters và weapons require you lớn reach a certain cấp độ to lớn unloông chồng them.

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Download MOD APK for Android

To me, is really a great game. CASUAL AZUR GAMES has put a lot of effort into creating a perfect survival game, with a very new style of survival gameplay. Instead of guns, knives, … they chose rudimentary axes as weapons. This brings a new feeling lớn the genre of Battle Royale. Join this exciting game now and show off your axe cộ skills lớn become the last survivor.