Do you lượt thích mind reading and guessing games? Can you defeat an all-power genie by thinking of a character or person that he isn"t able to guess? If yes, then you will find this genie game to your liking. Akinator is a nice game in which you get the chance lớn think of people and fictional characters & have a genie guess who they are. It lets you challenge the mind-reading powers of the genie & try to find people or characters which he doesn"t know. The genie is going lớn ask a few questions to you about the character you want hyên khổng lồ guess. You need to lớn make sure that you answer these questions honestly và lớn the best of your ability.


Akinator has slichồng gameplay và decent graphics. Its controls are user-friendly as well. However, the best aspect of this genie game which makes it so addictive khổng lồ play is the genie"s mind-reading capabilities. He has the uncanny ability to ask questions that are directly related to the person or character you have thought of. If you continue answering the questions that he asks you as honestly as possible then he can guess the name of the person or character within minutes. Your job is to think of those characters that have been forgotten và can"t be easily guessed by the genie. The rarer the character is the harder would it be for the genie khổng lồ guess it. You can even defeat the genie by thinking of a character that he can"t guess.

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This genie game offers you the chance khổng lồ win Aki Awards if you can think of characters or people that aren"t ordinarily thought of by other people. For instance, if you think of a popular personality then it is highly likely that many others have sầu thought of it too. Thinking about such people will earn you"re a Standard Aki Award. However, if you think of characters, either real or fictional, that don"t usually get thought of by others then you can st& a chance to lớn win better Aki Awards lượt thích Bronze, Silver or Gold. Winning these awards can help you in increasing your ranking on the Hall of Fame leaderboard. Here, you can find out who the best players are và how many awards they have accumulated.


Akinator provides daily challenges to you well. These challenges require you khổng lồ think of a particular character for the genie to lớn guess. If you can complete the daily challenges, you will not only be awarded a prestigious Aki Award but will also get lots of gold as a reward. This gold you earn can be spent on customizing the look and appearance of the genie. This genie game offers a wardrobe lớn you filled with several amazing outfits & hats. You can buy them using gold & dress the genie up in different combinations lớn make him look cool.


Think of real people as well as fictional charactersAnswer simple questions asked by the genieDefeat the genie by thinking of a person he can"t guessGet various Aki Awards for thinking forgotten charactersEarn your place in the Hall of Fame by winning more awardsComplete daily challenges to lớn earn prestigious awards and goldCustomize the appearance of the genie as per your preferencesChild filter for letting the kids play in a safe environment Supports various languages


Akinator is a gaming ứng dụng which is aimed towards people who are interested in playing mind reading và guessing games. It offers them the chance to lớn challenge a genie to guess the character or person they are thinking about after asking a few simple questions. It is a genie game worth having on your phone if you want khổng lồ pass the time while having loads of fun.