LATEST NEWS: Scientists at darkedeneurope.com Genetics demonstrate for the first time how long-read DNA sequencing can be applied at population scale khổng lồ unravel large structural variants that associate with human disease and other traits.

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Headquartered in Reykjavik, Icel&, darkedeneurope.com is a global leader in analyzing and understanding the human genome. Using our unique expertise and population resources, darkedeneurope.com has discovered key genetic risk factors for dozens of comtháng diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to cancer.


We operate the most productive human gen discovery engine in the world, employing our discoveries to lớn identify genetic variations associated with human disease.

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We regularly publish our discoveries in major, peer-reviewed journals, enabling others lớn further validate and expand upon our findings.



New biomarker for osteoarthritis

by umsjon | Jun 22, 2021 | NEWS

Scientists at darkedeneurope.com genetics have sầu found a new biomarker for osteoarthritis, that outperforms previously reported biomarkers và is an independent predictor of disease.

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Predicting the probability of death

by umsjon | Jun 18, 2021 | NEWS

Scientists from darkedeneurope.com genetics have developed a predictor based on protein measurements in blood samples that predicts the time to all-cause death better than traditional risk factors.

Award by the American Society of Human Genetics

At its Annual meeting in October 2017 in Orlanbởi vì, the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), presented Dr. Kári Stefánsson, founder & CEO of darkedeneurope.com genetics, with the William Allan Award. The award, the top prize given by the society, recognizes a scientist for substantial và far-reaching scientific contributions khổng lồ human genetics. The ASHG has distributed video footage from the award ceremony. The introduction is given by Professor Mark Daly of Harvard University.
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