I just want to know how to call a javascript function inside another function.If I have the code below, how do I call the second function inside the first?

function function_one(){alert(“The function called “function_one” has been called.”)//Here I would like to call function_two.}function function_two(){alert(“The function called “function_two” has been called.”)}

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function function_one() { function_two(); // considering the next alert, I figured you wanted to call function_two first alert(“The function called “function_one” has been called.”);}function function_two() { alert(“The function called “function_two” has been called.”);}function_one();

A little bit more context: this works in JavaScript because of a language feature called “variable hoisting” – basically, think of it like variable/function declarations are put at the top of the scope (more info).


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function function_one(){ alert(“The function called “function_one” has been called.”) //Here u would like to call function_two. function_two(); }function function_two(){ alert(“The function called “function_two” has been called.”)}
function function_first() { function_last(); alert(“The function called “function_first” has been called.”);}function function_last() { alert(“The function called “function_last” has been called.”);}function_first();
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How to call two functions on single event. one as a javascript function other a server side function

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