We will now see the method signature, how it works, and how many parameters it takes in detail.

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Method signature

So let’s have a look at the method signature:


string base64_encode( $your_data )

1. Return Type

As of now, we see that the return type for this method is written as a string here. So this will return a string of base64. This will return False if the method is not able to encode the given string provided; otherwise, it will return string on successful execution of the method.

2. Parameter

This method takes only one parameter as the input. We can pass any data here that we want to encode in base64. This is the mandatory parameter and the only parameter for the base64 encode method.



$mystr = “Sample string to encode”;echo base64_encode($mystring);?>

In the above lines of code, we define a string that we are trying to convert into base64 encoding. So first, we have created one string named as ‘mystr’; after this, we have called the base64_encode method and passed this parameter inside this method. So it will convert the existing string into encode base64. This will generate some sequence of character that can be easily decoded by using some method in PHP.

Some points we need to keep in mind while working with the base64_encode method:

This is the in-build method provided by PHP.This method will generate a sequence of character for a particular string in PHP.An encoded string of data can be again converted back into the string of text.By using this, we can encode images and place them in an XML or JSON.

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By the use of base64 encoding, we can encode our secrets and keys, which we do not to get corrupt by anything. Hence the original message will be remaining the same.


By the use of the base6_ encode method, we can end binary data.


When we convert or encode the data by using the base64_encode method, it occupies more space in the memory than the usual. It will increase the memory space for the data by 33 percent.

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Examples of PHP base64_encode

Given below are the examples of PHP base64_encode:

Example #1

In this example, we create a different string and try to encode them using the base64 encode method.


Demo for base64 encode method in PHP !!

$mystr1 = “Hello i am example one to encode string to base64 in PHP.!!”;$myencode1 = base64_encode($mystr1);echo $myencode1. ”
“;$mystr2 = “Hello i am example two to encode string to base64 in PHP.!!”;$myencode2 = base64_encode($mystr2);echo $myencode2. ”
“;$mystr3 = “Hello i am example three to encode string to base64 in PHP.!!”;$myencode3 = base64_encode($mystr3);echo $myencode3. ”

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