4 cách tách nhạc và tải nhạc từ video youtube về máy tính, laptop

YouTube is the best video–sharing channel in the world with a wide variety of videos that can be searched easily. Sometimes you might want to download YouTube videos but only save its audio tracks.

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There are plenty of không tính phí YouTube audio downloader tools available that allow users khổng lồ convert YouTube videos lớn MP3 audtiện ích ios.

How can you download YouTube Videos as MP3 files?

Option 1: Using “https://yout.com/” is a simple way lớn tải về a YouTube video clip as its audio trachồng.

You can download the Clip or only its Mp3 file easily và faster without installing & using any YouTube video clip converter.

Visit the page on YouTube & edit the URL by deleting the word “ube” (e.g. https://www.yout.com/watch?…)

Edit the URL by deleting the word “ube”

Press . Once you’re on the download page for that đoạn Clip.

You can choose a format to lớn save sầu MP3 or MP4 files.

And then, choose the tải về chất lượng by clicking.


Finally, cliông xã button & wait for a few seconds khổng lồ tải về YouTube MP3 file inkhổng lồ your computer and enjoy!

Option 2: Using YouTube Downloader online lớn extract audio from YouTube videos.

Online video converter allows users khổng lồ choose the MP3 chất lượng khổng lồ download. But remember that the chất lượng of downloaded audio trachồng will depend on the Clip selected.

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Step 1: Access the URL:


Step 2: Copy và paste URL YouTube in URL textbox. Then cliông chồng to get data & convert YouTube Clip khổng lồ MP3 format.


Cliông xã button 
lớn choose tải về format from the drop menu (Select MP3)


Choose lớn select the chất lượng of tải về file


Step 3: Cliông xã to save sầu MP3 file in your computer


Option 3: Using MP3Fibber to download music from Youtube Videos

A svào point of MP3Fibber which is the same as YouTube Converter và Downloader is that it allows users to select the audio unique to lớn tải về.

Step 1: Go khổng lồ YouTube page, tìm kiếm for đoạn Clip that you need to lớn download and copy URL from the address bar in your browser.

Step 2: Just paste the copied URL into lớn the textbox in MP3Fibber’s screen at http://mp3fiber.com/index.php


Step 3: Select a file type. Cliông chồng khổng lồ drop-down các mục

 & choose .MP3 with the unique.


Step 4: Click button Download now! And wait for your mp3 traông chồng converted from YouTube Videos.


Step 5: Click again khổng lồ download the converted audio into lớn your computer.

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Completed! The MP3 music download time will vary depending on the video’s kích cỡ & unique & the strength of your Internet connection as well.

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